About Olivia.

I am a fashion photographer and photojournalist based in Sydney, Australia.

Enchanted by the enduring beauty classical artists and writers such as Rodin, Monet, Da Vinci, Thoreau, Hemingway crafted during their lives....I am always drawing inspiration from the past to create work that has a timeless elegance and grace to it.

I'd say that a lot of my imagery has a dreamlike, sensual, evocative quality...often reminiscent of a time when life was quite simply, less complicated.

Photography (and writing) are my greatest passions and working on creative and inspiring projects is what I most love to do.

When I'm not traipsing through the woods hunting for the perfect photograph you can probably find me in the boxing ring with my golden gloves on or at my favorite café drinking too much coffee and daydreaming about my next shoot.

I am available for work worldwide. Preferably beach-side.

Partial Client List: Vogue Paris, Rochas, Tom Ford Beauty, Urban Outfitters, Lucy Paris Label, JeanneSource, Damaged Magazine, Duxton, Kosas Cosmetics, and others

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