About Olivia.

On The Hunt For Beauty.

Olivia is a lifestyle, portrait, and fine art photographer based in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Raised in Maryland and educated in Colorado, Olivia made it to her dream destination of Los Angeles in 2013.

Never a terribly skilled painter, Olivia finally found her artistic voice when she found her way to a camera. And everything changed. She learned to paint with photographs.  The environment her canvas, the people and place her paint, the emotion her brush, and then the magic of cohesion, the same in painting and photography, an ineffable quality of heart, imagination, and a sprinkle of something that has no words.

Her photographs are often inspired by the incredible beauty and incomparable natural light in California. You'll often find bold colors, warm light, a certain joie de' vivre and a hint of magic in her imagery.

When she’s not traipsing through the woods hunting for the perfect photograph you can probably find her in the boxing ring with her golden gloves attempting to look like a real boxer or at her favorite café drinking copious amounts of coldbrew daydreaming about her next shoot.

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